While you might just think of a wallbed as a space-saving solution that fits in the tiniest nook or cranny of your home, our Murphy beds come not only in a twin size but in much larger models as well. Each size of wallbed offers different benefits, and our professionals here at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale, Arizona are experts at helping you choose the ideal model for the space you have in mind. We offer a wide variety of sizes of our custom-made Murphy beds to fit anyone’s home and budget.

Benefits of the Twin

If you live in a studio apartment, loft, tiny home, or simply want to add extra sleeping capacity to any extra small living space, a twin wall bed might be the perfect solution. Twins aren’t just for kids either; at Wallbeds ‘n More we also offer an XL twin frame and mattress which provides extra length for teens and adults with the compact width of a standard twin. With a twin-size Murphy bed, you can easily accommodate overnight guests in even the smallest of areas and add style and functionality as well. 

There are several ideal places for a twin-sized wallbed including in a child’s room, a home office, or a small converted space like an attic or basement room. 

Oftentimes, especially in newer homes, teenagers’ and kids’ bedrooms are not large enough to accommodate more than one bed comfortably, so adding a twin wall bed unit is a simple way to make extra space if you have more than one kid sharing a room. It can also be a clever way for a teen to have friends over or a little one to have sleepovers without them invading the front room or other shared living spaces.

One of our most popular models that has a twin-size bed frame is the Barrington model which has a traditional, elegant design that fits perfectly into any space. This simple model makes an excellent piece of furniture for a child’s room as the bed is still stylish as they grow into a teenager. Adults enjoy the classic, minimalistic design style as well and it is unobtrusive enough to blend into almost any decor scheme.

Benefits of the Full

Many of our most popular models come in full-size Murphy beds. Fulls are so desired because they are still relatively compact but allow for two overnight guests to comfortably stay together.

 With a full wallbed, you can turn the downstairs den or living room into a guest suite without any hassle even when guests arrive unexpectedly. Some of our full-size wallbed units even fold up into chests that fit in a living space and double as an accent table when not in use. 

Just like our twin models, our full wall beds are lightweight and easy to pull down and return to the wall, which means even children and elderly guests can do this with minimal strength and without the fear of getting injured. This is a stark change from the old-fashioned hide-a-beds built with heavy metal frames that were a hassle to pull out and put away. No more pinched fingers or strained backs with a Murphy bed from Wallbeds ‘n More!

Benefits of a Queen

Obviously, the biggest benefit to a queen-size Murphy bed is the comfortable size of the mattress and its ability to host multiple overnight guests with ease. If you have a large home office, spare bedroom, or basement room, a queen will often fit in such a space. 

Many of our queen wallbeds offer the ability to add a wardrobe, desk, drawers, and cabinet features along with electrical outlets and accent lighting just like our smaller models. They can be made in a variety of woods and finished in different colors as well.

Another great thing about the queen wall bed size is that you could choose to replace your existing bedroom furniture with such a model so that you can retract the bed into the wall and have room in your bedroom for a home gym, reading book, yoga studio, or any other hobby you’d love extra space for. 

Let the Scottsdale Wallbeds n More Team Help You Find Your Perfect Wallbed

You are welcome to come by for an in-person tour of our showroom in Scottsdale Arizona between 10 am and 5 pm on Tuesday – Saturday. You can also call (480) 818-6985 to make an appointment with one of our friendly, helpful staff members. When you visit the gallery, you can see many of our online models in person and can watch a demonstration of how easy our Murphy beds are to pull from the wall. Finally, our professionals can help you choose finishes to match your room’s color palette and extra features to make your new furniture functional and stylish! We look forward to seeing you at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale and helping you choose the perfect new Murphy bed for your home!