What Sizes Do Wallbeds Come In?

What Sizes Do Wallbeds Come In?

While you might just think of a wallbed as a space-saving solution that fits in the tiniest nook or cranny of your home, our Murphy beds come not only in a twin size but in much larger models as well. Each size of wallbed offers different benefits, and our professionals here at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale, Arizona are experts at helping you choose the ideal model for the space you have in mind. We offer a wide variety of sizes of our custom-made Murphy beds to fit anyone’s home and budget.

Benefits of the Twin

If you live in a studio apartment, loft, tiny home, or simply want to add extra sleeping capacity to any extra small living space, a twin wall bed might be the perfect solution. Twins aren’t just for kids either; at Wallbeds ‘n More we also offer an XL twin frame and mattress which provides extra length for teens and adults with the compact width of a standard twin. With a twin-size Murphy bed, you can easily accommodate overnight guests in even the smallest of areas and add style and functionality as well. 

There are several ideal places for a twin-sized wallbed including in a child’s room, a home office, or a small converted space like an attic or basement room. 

Oftentimes, especially in newer homes, teenagers’ and kids’ bedrooms are not large enough to accommodate more than one bed comfortably, so adding a twin wall bed unit is a simple way to make extra space if you have more than one kid sharing a room. It can also be a clever way for a teen to have friends over or a little one to have sleepovers without them invading the front room or other shared living spaces.

One of our most popular models that has a twin-size bed frame is the Barrington model which has a traditional, elegant design that fits perfectly into any space. This simple model makes an excellent piece of furniture for a child’s room as the bed is still stylish as they grow into a teenager. Adults enjoy the classic, minimalistic design style as well and it is unobtrusive enough to blend into almost any decor scheme.

Benefits of the Full

Many of our most popular models come in full-size Murphy beds. Fulls are so desired because they are still relatively compact but allow for two overnight guests to comfortably stay together.

 With a full wallbed, you can turn the downstairs den or living room into a guest suite without any hassle even when guests arrive unexpectedly. Some of our full-size wallbed units even fold up into chests that fit in a living space and double as an accent table when not in use. 

Just like our twin models, our full wall beds are lightweight and easy to pull down and return to the wall, which means even children and elderly guests can do this with minimal strength and without the fear of getting injured. This is a stark change from the old-fashioned hide-a-beds built with heavy metal frames that were a hassle to pull out and put away. No more pinched fingers or strained backs with a Murphy bed from Wallbeds ‘n More!

Benefits of a Queen

Obviously, the biggest benefit to a queen-size Murphy bed is the comfortable size of the mattress and its ability to host multiple overnight guests with ease. If you have a large home office, spare bedroom, or basement room, a queen will often fit in such a space. 

Many of our queen wallbeds offer the ability to add a wardrobe, desk, drawers, and cabinet features along with electrical outlets and accent lighting just like our smaller models. They can be made in a variety of woods and finished in different colors as well.

Another great thing about the queen wall bed size is that you could choose to replace your existing bedroom furniture with such a model so that you can retract the bed into the wall and have room in your bedroom for a home gym, reading book, yoga studio, or any other hobby you’d love extra space for. 

Let the Scottsdale Wallbeds n More Team Help You Find Your Perfect Wallbed

You are welcome to come by for an in-person tour of our showroom in Scottsdale Arizona between 10 am and 5 pm on Tuesday – Saturday. You can also call (480) 818-6985 to make an appointment with one of our friendly, helpful staff members. When you visit the gallery, you can see many of our online models in person and can watch a demonstration of how easy our Murphy beds are to pull from the wall. Finally, our professionals can help you choose finishes to match your room’s color palette and extra features to make your new furniture functional and stylish! We look forward to seeing you at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale and helping you choose the perfect new Murphy bed for your home!

Convert Your Guest Suite to a Home Gym

Convert Your Guest Suite to a Home Gym

When the  COVID-19 pandemic forced the shut-down of gyms across the country, many people took charge of their physical health by creating workout routines at home. No matter the routine, many had issues creating the space necessary for their workouts as many do not have a spare room for a home gym. Luckily with Wallbeds n More, this is made easy with a murphy bed.

When our customers came to us, most of their rooms were occupied with children attending school online and adults working from home. This pushed us here at Wallbeds ‘n More to help people make the most of their space! A Murphy bed that could transform a home gym into a guest room and back again was one of our most popular requests. Now we want to help you double the usable space in your home as well. 

Making the Most of Space for Your Home Gym

Our employees at Wallbeds ‘n More Scottsdale helped customers through the transition of moving workouts from the gym to their homes. Together, we conquered many of the obstacles that arose in the process. 

Working out in a home gym space

Where would the new rowing machine go? Would furniture need to be completely rearranged each time the online aerobics class or Zumba instruction was streamed into the room? We worked with our customers to optimize space-saving no matter the circumstance.

Since replacing the home furniture with a home gym machine wasn’t an option for most families, we assisted with creative solutions! We helped people both maximize their floor space, productivity, and peace of mind all at the same time. With the murphy beds, the function of having a bed that opens and closes changed everything!

Customize Your Space Further!

The many different models and sizes of Murphy beds at our Scottsdale Wallbeds ‘n More showroom can each be customized in dozens of different ways. At our store, you can create a truly unique piece of furniture that meets all of your needs. If you’d like to create a guest bedroom/home gym combination, shelves or a table built into the unit might be essential. 

A table or bookshelves can accommodate a television or computer screen when the room is being used as a home gym. This way you can easily stream exercise classes and still have plenty of space for exercising when the bed is folded into the wall. 

To personalize it further, we can customize the wood type and finish of each wall bed model. We can also add simple, but delightful conveniences like accent lighting, electrical outlets for exercise equipment, and USB ports so your phone can charge or serve as a wireless speaker during your workout. 

Visit Wallbeds n More Phoenix Today!

Stop by for an in-person tour of our showroom between 10 am and 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. You can also call (480) 818-6985 to make an appointment with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members. When you visit the gallery, you can view many of our online models in person and can see a demonstration of how easy our Murphy beds are to pull from the wall. 

Finally, we can help you choose finishes to match your room and amenities. This ensures your furniture is as practical as it is beautiful! We can’t wait to see you at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale and help you make your home gym/guest suite into a reality!

Customize Your Wall Bed

Customize Your Wall Bed

At Wallbeds n More, we take being Scottsdale’s wall bed company very seriously! We know you want to customize your wall bed to fit your needs! We know that people’s homes are as unique as the people who live in them. Pulling a bed from the wall should not only be fun and easy, it should be a task that helps you maximize your space while at the same time providing the amenities that make your room functional and stylish. Whether you’re looking to add concealed storage like cabinets to your built-in Murphy bed or add USB ports to a desk wall bed for tech accessibility, we can help you build a custom wall bed with whichever model you choose!

Custom Electrical Accessories

Adding electrical capabilities is especially important no matter what kind of space your wall bed will be utilizing. If the area serves as a guest room, you’ll likely want to add USB ports for guests to charge their phones along with electrical outlets to add other amenities like an iron or bedside night light. If the room is normally a hangout for your teens, they’ll need places to plug in their video games and charge laptops for schoolwork, and if the space typically serves as an office or study space, you’ll definitely need lots of tech accessibility for computers, printers, and wifi routers. We can install all kinds of personalized electrical accessories to make sure your bed arrives ready to go with all of the capabilities you need. 

Adding Lighting To Your New Wallbed

Lighting around a bed, murphy or otherwise, helps to set the mood of the room. We can include bedside lights to make reading in bed comfortable, overhead lights for bookshelves, spotlights for artwork, or even outlets to make plugging in decorative lamps simple no matter where you need them. You can choose dimmer switches and a variety of lighting styles, so that your wall bed blends seamlessly with the decor of your space. 

Desks and Table Wall Bed Additions

Choosing the best wall bed to double as a workspace is simple with our variety of desk and murphy bed combinations. The Glen Ellyn desk/bed includes bookshelves and a sleek, professional-looking desk that slides out, transforming a guest room into a home office with one easy motion. The Barrington Table Bed is another excellent example of how adding a modern Murphy bed with a table can double your room’s functionality. The table can be used for crafts, artwork, puzzles, games, work related tasks, or even eating meals. It is ideal for small spaces like a studio apartment, tiny home, office, or a guest suite and ideal for kids’ playrooms as well.

Wardrobe Customization

Wardrobes can be lifesavers for rooms without built-in closets, but are often hard to fit in small spaces especially with other essential furniture like beds, nightstands, and dressers. Our Hampton model is a perfect solution for this problem, adding a wardrobe with closing doors to the wall bed to make storage not only easy, but concealed inside a beautiful piece of furniture. This style is available in a queen or full Murphy bed to fit a variety of rooms. The fact that it also can be manufactured with drawers and/or shelves both increases its storage capacity and makes it attractive in any space.Customized wallbed with side piers, white finish, and lights added.

Customize Your Wall bed With Bookcases and Shelving

For Murphy beds going in home offices, studio apartment living rooms, reading rooms, or guest suites, the Library model is a fantastic choice. While we can add bookshelves to any of our units, the Library has the greatest number of shelves, and they simply slide apart before the bed folds out from the wall. This means you do not have to remove anything from the shelves before you take the bed out or put it back in, saving time and the potential for breakage! There’s also room to hang artwork behind the bed where it pulls from the wall to further accentuate your taste. 

Custom hardware 

Other customizable features of our beds at Wallbeds and More include customizable handles, drawer knobs, hinges, and other hardware to match other pieces of furniture in the room and give the space the exact feel you are looking for. You are welcome to bring curtain, flooring, or carpet samples into the showroom with you so that together we can choose the color and finish of the hardware that’s right for you.

Find Your Wall Bed at Wallbeds n More Scottsdale

When you’re looking to maximize your space without scrimping on style, we offer the very best Murphy beds for sale in Scottsdale. Here, you can customize your wall bed to your hearts desire! Call us today at (480) 818-6985 to get started. While we can sell you a wall bed over the phone, we highly recommend coming into the store so that you can see the furniture in person, lie on the mattresses, feel the variety of finishes, and to see how easy they work. Scheduling an appointment is best, but you are also welcome to drop by and browse our selection of the best murphy beds in the Scottsdale area!

Convert A Guest Suite Into a Playroom

Convert A Guest Suite Into a Playroom

Converting Guest Suites to Playrooms

Ready, Set, Play! Make room in guest suite for your kids!

With kids’ toys cluttering the living room, dining room, and everywhere in between, it’s likely you’ve wished for a playroom they could call their own (and keep all their stuff in)! But trading a guest room for a playroom isn’t always practical since you need a comfortable, private space for guests to stay when visiting. But what if you could have BOTH… a sleek and stylish room for when company calls that turns to a practical and functional playroom with tons of storage for the little ones? 

At Scottsdale Wallbeds n More, we are specialists in helping you create two dream rooms in one with a wide array of versatile furniture to meet all of your needs. We expertly assist you in blending simplicity and style, creating the perfect play-space for kids or game room for teenagers that converts seamlessly into a guest room.

Space for Play with a Wall Bed

If you’re looking for space saving beds, Murphy beds are the way to go, with the convenience of a mattress and bed combination that will fold into the wall and transform a room in the blink of an eye. 

The many options we have come in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles and are also customizable for the type of play your kids crave. Little artists on your hands? Choose a desk wall bed or a table Murphy bed such as our Barrington Table Bed or Euro Table Bed. These models give them space to paint, draw, and craft to their heart’s delight. 

Have a teenager obsessed with video games? Choose custom shelving and cabinets in the Keystone model to hold their gaming gear and strategically placed wall outlets for consoles. 

Keystone Wallbed for Guest Suite

Studious bookworm at home? They’ll love the Library wall bed with space for all of their favorite books and recessed lighting to read by. Whatever their interests, a built-in Murphy bed will create the perfect space for creativity and play without sacrificing the ability to host visitors when the need should arrive.

Storage Galore in Your Guest Suite

Each of our wallbeds comes with the option of adding drawers, shelves, and cabinets, so even if your room doesn’t have a closet, it is easy to store belongings. If you have a childrens’ rug or play mat you want to swap out for a more adult design, you can choose one of the options with tall cabinets to simply switch and store carpets when company is coming. 

Guest Suite or Playroom Clean-up is a Breeze

When you need the kids to clean up and help transform the room into a guest suite, pulling a bed from the wall is a fun incentive to get them to help out! The cabinets and drawers that customize the wallbed make clean-up time simple! 

You can quickly hide the kids’ toys, video games, books, stuffed animals, and more. All the while, also storing all the essentials you need to transform the space into a guest room. You can store your sheets, pillows, and extra blankets in the wall bed storage. Choosing a modern Murphy bed style will ensure the room converts easily from a fun, practical play area to a comfortable and stylish adult space. 

Amenities for Visitors

With all sorts of extras to customize your Murphy bed, you can ensure there’s everything from additional outlets built into the furniture for the kids’ electronics to USB ports for when company needs to plug in their cell phones to charge as they sleep. Lights can be added overhead or alongside the bed, and hardware can even be customized to match the unique style of your space. 

Why Choose Wallbeds n More Scottsdale?

If you’re looking for a wall bed company to give you a fun, personalized experience, come to Wallbeds n More in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our showroom offers a relaxing environment where you will not be pressured by salespeople. Come browse our design center between 10am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday or give us a call at (480) 818-6985 and let us help you find and customize the perfect furniture for your home!

Space Saving Solutions for Compact Living Areas

Space Saving Solutions for Compact Living Areas

Wallbeds Can Optimize Your Living Space!

When you need to increase the functionality of a small living space, but aren’t looking to expand your home’s actual footprint, Wallbeds N More in Scottsdale, Arizona is the only wall bed company that has the space-saving solutions you need! Whether you’re residing in a studio apartment or a tiny home, we’ve got you covered with traditional wall beds, cube beds, and even beds that transform into tables! Our showroom selection offers dozens of options, fully customizable for your space and style. Now doubling the size of your room by pulling a bed from the wall is a piece of cake!

Space Saving Chest Beds

Living in a tiny home or compact apartment space can help you simplify your life, but also comes with the challenges of maximizing both storage and living space. Chest beds are the optimum solution for making a small space seem larger than it is and giving you plenty of room to both sleep comfortably and enjoy other activities in the same room. 

A chest bed is exactly what it sounds like. A piece of furniture that looks like a decorative chest or accent table and seamlessly transforms into a bed. You can get them made in classic, modern, or rustic finishes to complement the interior design of your home. Chest beds mean you don’t have to give up an entire room in your home just to have a spare bed. You can have a home office during the day and a bedroom at night, a dining room table for meals and a bedroom for a movie marathon, or a yoga studio on weekdays and a guest room on the weekends!

All of our chest beds are simple both to pull out and put away, store the mattress right inside, and can easily be maneuvered by one person. We also offer features such as power outlets built into the side of the chest bed so that you can put it up against any wall and not worry about blocking the outlet. Whether you’re using it as an accent table for a lamp or holiday display or plugging in your phone to charge while you sleep, you never have to worry about ease of connectivity.

Table Beds for Room Optimization

Space Saving Table Bed Wallbed

The Barrington Horizontal murphy bed is the perfect addition when you need your tiny space to be both exceptionally functional and comfortable. This wall bed comes in a queen size and has a built-in table that extends from the bottom of the bed when not in use. With it’s sleek design and easy to maneuver components, it’s the perfect piece of furniture to quickly transform a bedroom into a sewing room, crafting room, office, or study area. 

The Barrington also has optional add-on features to meet your room’s specific needs. Add bookshelves, drawers, lighting fixtures, and more. All pieces can be purchased separately to ensure the perfect fit against whichever wall in your home you choose. This murphy bed table combination also comes in a wide variety of finishes with customizable hardware as well. 

In the past, many people have found this model excellent for studio apartments as the table can be used as a dining room before transforming into a bedroom. Kids and teens also love the pull-down table feature for writing, crafting projects, or a perfect play space for puzzles, Legos, and games. It even makes homework a little more appealing because they get to use their desk wall bed that pulls out of the furniture like a secret compartment! 

A Personalized Experience

When you’re looking for a Murphy bed for sale, you can absolutely order one by browsing our website and ordering over the phone. However…what we really love is taking customers around our design center and giving them a personalized buying experience to find the very best wall bed for them! Contact us today!

Furniture is a long-term purchase, and buying it should be stress-free and fun. By coming into the showroom, you can compare models side-by-side, look at our variety of wood finishes, and even bring a carpet square or flooring sample to make sure your new wall bed will look stylish in your space. We’re open Tuesday – Saturday from 10am to 5pm and are available to answer any questions you have at (480) 818-6985.

We can’t wait to help you find your perfect space-saving solution at Scottsdale Wallbeds n More!

Convert Your Guest Room to A Home Office

Convert Your Guest Room to A Home Office

From Home Office to Guest Room in the Blink of an Eye 

Optimizing space to create a home office out of your guest room is an easy process with the help of our wallbed selections. Perhaps more than ever before, this past year has emphasized the need for our homes to be both multi-functional and comfortable at the same time. Yet creating a space that is productive enough for at-home working and learning and simultaneously cozy enough for that much-needed downtime can be tricky.  Thankfully, the versatile furniture at Wallbeds ‘n More in Scottsdale tackles the challenge head-on, easily combining the storage and functionality of a home office or learning space with the snug comforts of a guest suite. Their stylish and practical wallbeds, otherwise known as a Murphy bed or horizontal Murphy bed, make transforming your space as easy as waving a magic wand and pulling a bed from the wall!

Cambridge wallbed for sale - Wallbeds N More Scottsdale Arizona

Choosing the Best Wall Bed for Your Home Office

Finding a simple Murphy bed for sale at any wall bed company is easy, but finding the best Murphy bed to meet your exact needs is entirely different. Wallbeds n More offers the best selections in the Scottsdale Area with a wide variety of colors, styles, finishes, and amenities. These options are sure to satisfy everything you want and need. Whether you’re looking for a modern Murphy bed style that includes bookcases or a classic farmhouse desk Murphy bed combination, you’ll find it amongst their numerous options.  The friendly staff can help you maximize your space by choosing the right mattress and bed size whether you’re looking for a full Murphy bed, a twin, twin XL, queen or even a king. Bringing along a flooring or bedding sample is a great idea as well as it can help you select the finish that will complement the interior design of your home. In the customization phase, you can choose accent lighting and hardware to give your room more personal flair, and if you like to redecorate often, you’ll especially love their adjustable shelving options. Click here to browse their many selections! One of the most popular choices for turning a functional and elegant office into a welcoming guest room is the Cambridge model. The L-shaped design features a spacious desk with plentiful drawer space, and the entire unit can be customized to fit your specifications. Choosing from bookshelves, glass cabinet fronts, extra drawer space, or open shelves gives your wall bed a personal feel, and the 20 different wood finishes of Alder or Oak ensure your new furniture will fit seamlessly into the style of your home. The option to add electrical outlets and USB charging ports as well as lighting features enhances both convenience and ambiance. The Cambridge can accommodate either a full-sized, queen-sized, or king-sized mattress, and while the mattress itself does not come standard with the unit, Wallbeds n’ More offers different mattress options to fit a variety of budgets and firmness levels.  You can even try them out in the store! With The Wallbeds ‘n More Scottsdale line of home office/guest suite furniture it has never been easier to go from compressing files at your desk to decompressing on a luxuriously comfy bed in the blink of an eye. If you are looking to purchase a murphy bed, don’t go anywhere else other than the experts. Contact us now! Come visit us at our design center between 10am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday or give us a call at (480) 818-6985 and let us help you make the most out of your home office!